Tattoo Education: "Second Skin" Exhibition


Greetings from Tattoo Education!
Many tattoo artists these days take alternate mediums seriously; in addition to making fine art on skin, it's become commonplace for tattooists to be fluent in paint, sculpture, colored pencil and other traditional art media. Michele and I are no exception, and in fact are among the group of tattooists who were already working as fine artists before adopting tattooing as our main medium. At this point it's become pretty much normal for tattooists to think of themselves as artists who happen to tattoo.
This coming July 14 is a gallery opening that will showcase paintings and other fine art pieces by some of tattooing's more innovative artists. At the Copro Nason gallery in Santa Monica, CA, there will be new works by Alex Padilla, Alex Garcia, Adrian Dominic, Big Gus, Carlos Torres, Chris Dingwell, Christian Perez, Chuey Ortega, Cory Norris, Damon Conklin, Dan Plumley, Gunnar Gaylord, Guy Aitchison, Jamie Lee Parker, Jon Clue, Jesse Smith, Joshua Carlton, Juan Salgado, Kim Saigh, Michele Wortman, Mike Devries, Nick Baxter, Nikko Hurtado, Paul Booth, Paolo Acuna, Pepper, Pooch, Theresa Sharpe, Shawn Barber, Tim Plumley and more. The show is hosted by renowned dark surrealist Chet Zar, and promises to be mind blowing. If you happen to be within driving distance of Santa Monica, this is an event not to miss! We plan on being there in person, along with many of the other artists involved. We're all taking this show very seriously as we put the finishing touches on our pieces. You can read more about the show and get a sneak preview of some of the works in progress at the Tattoo Artist Magazine blog.
We also wanted to remind everyone of the webcast we're having on July 21 at Alex Grey's Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in New York. For those who can make it in person, the Visionary Tattoo workshop will be an unprecedented learning opportunity, and we still have some seats available. For those who can't make it, though, the webcast will begin after the workshop and will include a screening of the documentary Innerstate, nominated for Best Documentary at the 2010 Great Lakes Film Festival, about tattooists creating visionary paintings.
The webcast then continues with a dynamic panel talk on visionary, magical and ritual tattooing, featuring Alex and Allyson Grey, Guy Aitchison, Michele Wortman, James Kern and Natan Alexander. It then switches to a live painting event that will go from the end of the panel talk until the wee hours. Alex, Allyson, Guy and Michele will be creating visionary paintings while DJs keep the energy going; for visionary art fans, this is a unique chance to see some imaginative works evolve from blank canvas to completion.
The webcast is free to the public, thanks to the  generous sponsorship offered by the Worldwide Tattoo Conference, True Tubes, Eternal Tattoo Inks, Memento Publishing/Stencil Stuff, AMPED3D, and Fallen King Irons. We only accepted sponsorship from companies whose products and services we actually use.
Drop by our YouTube channel to check out videos of past live painting performances we've had with the Greys, along with a trailer for Innerstate and a short video describing the evening's events. Mark it in your calendar; whether you can be there in person or just via cyberspace, we hope you can share this amazing evening with us.
Thanks, and we hope to see you there-
Guy Aitchison
Michele Wortman

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